Easily Regain Access To Corrupted Or Lost Mac Mails

There are so many programs & applications used widely in enterprises and organizations for many different tasks. But there are few mission-critical programs such as emails that provide instant satisfaction of data exchange in most easy and effortless manner. This omnipresent feature of emails for easy information dealings is taken for granted by the users unless there occurs some erroneous situations. It is never a good feeling for anyone when the access to emails is lost or the messages are not available immediately due to corruption or deletion.

In Mac system the Mail.app is an email application used to store, send and receive emails. The application supports all Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, MobileMe etc. and therefore is frequently used by both individual as well as business persons for the transferring the messages. However, there may come several uninvited situations when something goes wrong and user may face inaccessibility of the messages in emails. This could be really a very frustrating and critical situation as the data may be urgently required to do some essential tasks.

Apple also provides its users some troubleshooting guides to resolve several Mac Mail issues by itself. It has three assistants to find the problem and then fix it.

  1. Activity Windows – This option is available in Mail menu bar – Window – Activity. With this option user can simply know if anything is wrong on SMTP connection, passwords, or timeouts problems. The option does not help user fix the issue but it makes user figure out the main problem and then resolve it itself.
  2. Connection doctor – This option helps diagnose any problem with the mail. If there is problem with Internet connection then this option ask user to run Network Diagnostics and find out the problem.
  3. Mail logs – The Mail Logs option is one step ahed of Activity Windows as it keeps all the records of events. It has every information of the connection process that user can review anytime.

Suppose a situation, when a Mac user upgrades to Mountain Lion. After the upgradation finishes user finds problem in accessing the Yahoo POP mail account. User then removes account and reset the settings. This however lead to deletion of all the emails on POP account. It there a way to get over the issue and restore lost emails without and damage?

There can be number of reasons that can lead to loss, deletion or corruption of mailboxes in the Mac OS X. some of the common reasons are listed as below:

  • When program periodically crashes, hangs, or freezes and require force quit. This leads to many errors.
  • Plug-in not installed correctly for mail.
  • Mailboxes corrupted or damaged.
  • Accidental data deletion or formatting of system.
  • Corruption in system Address book database.

Now there are two cases through which the Mac Mail can be recovered.

Case 1 – Data recovery through backup

The most easy and efficient way to get back lost Mac OS X data is to have an updated data backup and restore data easily whenever required. Therefore, it is greatly advised by experts and professionals to keep data backup and avoid any unwanted situations. But, as there is a famous saying, ‘you will never miss the water until its gone’, many users don’t understand the value of backup until they face data loss issues.

Case 2 – Mail recovery using Mac Mail recovery tool

Now in case nothing works and the backup is also not available then the most appropriate solution for users is to go with a powerful third party tool and retrieve entire lost or deleted data on Mac without much hassle. The Mac Mail recovery is a very professional tool to recover all lost or missing email messages from the email database files very easily and conveniently. It brings back all mails and attachments including multiple mails at a time. User can also see the preview of data before actual recovery and after the messages are restored can be saved safely.

Here are some fantastic features of Mac mail recovery software:

  • Apple Mail recovery – The software simply recovers all mails and attachments from Apple Mail box.
  • Entourage recovery – User can also use the tool to restore mails and messages from Entourage database very conveniently and supports MS Entourage 2004 and 2008.
  • Fast email repair – The tool quickly scans the database and repairs all emails, contacts, tasks etc. on the Mac OS X.
  • Generate log report – It also generates alog report with full details repairing process like total time needed, destination of repaired file etc.
  • User friendly interface – An important thing is the tool comes with newly designed GUI interface so that even a novice user can well use the program.
  • Compatibility – The software is compatible with all versions of Mac system without any problem.

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